Thursday, April 11, 2019

6:45 AM Continental Breakfast
7:15 AM Welcome Nicos Labropoulos
Session 1: Evaluation of Patients With Chronic Venous Disease: Examination and Live Imaging Moderators: Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
7:30 AM The Patient’s and Physician’s Perspective Panelists: Steve Elias, Neil Khilnani, Peter Pappas and Thom Rooke
9:20 AM New in the Venous Space – How Can You Excel Carl Fastabend
9:30 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Session 2: Treatment Options in Patients With Refluxing Saphenous Vein… Moderators: Antonios Gasparis and Nick Morrison
10:00 AM of Large Diameter Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
10:05 AM of Short Length Dimitrios Kontothanassis
10:10 AM Below the Knee Kathleen Gibson
10:15 AM Close to the Dermis Nick Morrison
10:20 AM That is Tortuous Neil Khilnani
10:25 AM That is Recanalized Igor Sincos
10:30 AM Panel Discussion Ignacio Escotto Sanchez, Kathleen Gibson, Neil Khilnani, Dimitiros Kontothanassis and Igor Sincos
10:40 AM VS-Live Imaging Nicos Labropoulos, Antonios Gasparis and Neil Khilnani
Session 3: Clinical Cases and Facts Moderators: Peter Pappas and Thom Rooke
11:30 AM Clinical Case – A Not So Forward Saphenous Reflux Case Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
11:40 AM Clinical Case – Varicose Veins and Something More Important Igor Sincos
11:50 AM Clinical Facts for Your Practice Thom Rooke
12:00 PM Lunch and Visit Exhibits
Session 4: Treatment Appropriateness, Training Standards and Impact of Insurance Policies on Vein Practices

In Collaboration With the American Venous Forum (AVF)

Moderators: Antonios Gasparis and Brajesh Lal
1:30 PM Underuse, Misuse and Abuse of Vein Treatment Marc Passman
1:40 PM Impact of Insurance Policies on Vein Care: Where Do We Go From Here? Harold Welch
1:50 PM Role of Vascular Societies on Appropriateness of Venous Care Brajesh Lal
2:00 PM Minimum Standards for Practicing as a Vein Specialist William Marston
2:10 PM Reference Data to Guide Treatment Nicos Labropoulos
2:20 PM Panel Discussion Nicos Labropoulos, William Marston, Marc Passman and Harold Welch
Session 5: VTE Session Moderators: Alun Davies and Marc Passman
2:30 PM Managing Patients Outside of Practice Guidelines Victor Tapson
2:40 PM Proper Use and Misuse of IVC Filters Kush Desai
2:50 PM Preventing VTE Recurrence Joseph Caprini
3:00 PM How to Choose an Anticoagulant Anthony Comerota
3:10 PM Panel Discussion Joseph Caprini, Anthony Comerota, Kush Desai and Victor Tapson
Session 6: VTE Clinical Cases Moderators: Joseph Caprini and Igor Sincos
3:20 PM Recurrent DVT After Thrombolysis Nick Sikalas
3:25 PM A Case With DVT and Submassive PE Louis Leon
3:30 PM Treating the Patient, Not Just the DVT Thom Rooke
3:35 PM A Patient With Massive Thrombus Burden Akhilesh Sista
3:40 PM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Session 7: VS Debate – Thrombophilia Testing… Moderator: Victor Tapson
4:10 PM Necessary for Clinical Management Alun Davies
4:15 PM Not Needed Anthony Comerota
4:20 PM Rebuttals
4:25 PM Session 8: VS Question Time Moderator: Steve Elias
Panelists: Kush Desai, Kathleen Gibson, Neil Khilnani, Marc Passman and Thom Rooke
4:55 PM VS-Live Imaging Nicos Labropoulos, Steve Elias and Antonios Gasparis
CME Dinner Session 9: Understanding the Clinical Entity of Phlebolymphedema Moderator: Nicos Labropoulos
5:30 PM Clinical Case of Phlebolymphedema Nicos Labropoulos
5:40 PM The Clinical Spectrum of Venous and Lymphatic Disease Stanley Rockson
5:55 PM How Does It Happen? Peter Mortimer
6:10 PM How it Should Be Treated? Fedor Lurie
6:25 PM Panel Discussion Fedor Lurie, Peter Mortimer and Stanley Rockson
7:00 PM Networking Reception with the Exhibitors
8:00 PM VS Night Club

Friday, April 12, 2019

6:45 AM Continental Breakfast
Session 10: How to Optimize Thrombus Removal Through Clinical Cases Moderators: Parag Patel and Akhilesh Sista
7:00 AM Thrombus Extending in the IVC Efthymios Avgerinos
7:05 AM Ultrasound-enhanced Thrombectomy Luis Leon
7:10 AM Pharmaco-mechanical Thrombectomy Akhilesh Sista
7:15 AM Thrombus From the Tibials to the Iliac Parag Patel
7:20 AM Thrombus Involving Both Legs Arjun Jayaraj
7:25 AM Resistant Thrombus Luis Leon
7:30 AM Aspiration Thrombectomy Akhilesh Sista
7:35 AM Macerate and Aspirate Mahmood Razavi
7:40 AM Panel Discussion Efthymios Avgerinos, Arjun Jayaraj, Luis Leon and Mahmood Razavi
Session 11: AVLS Session – Superficial Vein Treatment: What We Know and What We Need to Learn

In Collaboration With the American Vein and Lymphatic Society (AVLS)

Moderators: Neil Khilnani and Nick Morrison
8:00 AM The Saphenous Trunks Mark Meissner
8:10 AM Comment Alun Davies
8:15 AM Varicose Veins Nick Morrison
8:25 AM Comment Paul Pittaluga
8:30 AM CVD Progression Neil Khilnani
8:40 AM Comment Melvin Rosenblatt
8:45 AM Panel Discussion Alun Davies, Mark Meissner, Paul Pittaluga and Melvin Rosenblatt
Session 12: Wound Care in Venous Disease Moderators: Sergio Gianesini and Joseph Raffetto
9:00 AM Evaluation of the patient with a venous ulcer Sergio Gianesini
9:10 AM Preparing the wound William Marston
9:20 AM Use of skin substitues for ulcer healing George Koullias
9:30 AM Panel Discussion George Koullias and William Marston
9:40 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Session 13: Venous Stenting Moderators: Kush Desai and William Marston
10:10 AM Patient Selection – Beware of Overtreatment Paul Gagne
10:20 AM Stent Patency and Clinical Outcomes Mark Meissner
10:30 AM Update on Venous Stent Clinical Trials William Marston
10:40 AM Sizing and Deploying the New Stents – What You Need to Know Arjun Jayaraj
10:50 AM Panel Discussion Paul Gagne, Arjun Jayaraj, William Marston and Mark Meissner
11:00 AM VS-Live Imaging Nicos Labropoulos, Steve Elias and Antonios Gasparis
Session 14: VS Keynote Address
11:30 AM Keynote Speaker – Introduction Nicos Labropoulos
11:35 AM Keynote Address: The Close Physiological and Genetic Relationship Between Lymphatics and Veins Peter Mortimer
12:00 PM Lunch and Visit Exhibits
Session 15: Techniques to Treat Spider and Varicose Veins – Video Session Moderators: Nick Morrison and Steve Elias
1:30 PM Mini-phlebectomy Paul Pittaluga
1:35 PM Powered Phlebectomy William Marston
1:45 PM Liquid Sclerotherapy Ellen Dillavou
1:50 PM Foam Sclerotherapy Steve Elias
1:55 PM Panel Discussion Ellen Dillavou, William Marston and Paul Pittaluga
Session 16: Compression in Clinical Practice: A Practical Approach Moderators: Sergio Gianesini and Thom Rooke
2:00 PM Interplay of Venous and Lymphatic Disease Peter Mortimer
2:10 PM The Cost in Compression Therapy Stanley Rockson
2:20 PM Key Clinical Questions in Compression Joseph Raffetto
2:30 PM Live Demonstration and Interactive Discussion Joseph Caprini and Sergio Gianesini
The Large Leg
The Small Leg
The Uneven Leg
Session 17: When Not to Perform…. Moderators: Alun Davies and Peter Pappas
2:50 PM Ablation Peter Pappas
2:55 PM Phlebectomy Paul Pittaluga
3:00 PM Stenting Robert Lookstein
3:05 PM Embolization Melvin Rosenblatt
3:10 PM Thrombolysis Efthymios Avgerinos
3:15 PM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
3:45 PM Session 18: VS FUN TIME – PASSWORD Moderator: Steve Elias
Session 19: PE – Bending the Curve of PE Moderators: Efthymios Avgerinos and Mark Meissner
4:15 PM Raising Awareness on the PE Epidemic Victor Tapson
4:25 PM Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of PE Mark Meissner
4:35 PM Intermediate Risk: PE Management Dilemmas Robert Lookstein
4:45 PM Interventional Battle: Catheter Lytics, Suction Thrombectomy, ECMO or Surgical Thrombectomy? Akhilesh Sista
4:55 PM Nuts and Bolts of a Pulmonary Embolism Response Team Efthymios Avgerinos
5:05 PM After the PE:  Post-PE Syndrome and Surveillance Protocols Victor Tapson
5:15 PM Panel Discussion Robert Lookstein, Akhilesh Sista and Victor Tapson
5:25 PM VS-Live Imaging and Discussion Nicos Labropoulos, Antonios Gasparis and Peter Pappas
5:45 PM Session 20: VS Question Time Moderator: Steve Elias
Panelists: Efthymios Avgerinos, Ellen Dillavou, William Marston, Paul Pittaluga and Akhilesh Sista

Saturday, April 13, 2019

5:45 AM VS 5K Run/Walk in Central Park
6:45 AM Continental Breakfast
Session 21: Inflammation: The Common Pathway in Venous Disease Moderators: Nicos Labropoulos and Peter Pappas
7:00 AM Role of Inflammation in CVD Joseph Raffetto
7:10 AM Effect on Progression Peter Pappas
7:20 AM Role During Treatment Steve Elias
7:30 AM Compression to Regulate Inflammation Nicos Labropoulos
7:40 AM Pharmacologic Treatment Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
7:50 AM Panel Discussion Steve Elias, Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Joseph Raffetto
Session 22: Best Poster Presentation Moderators: Joseph Raffetto and Sergio Gianesini
8:00 AM Poster 1
8:05 AM Poster 2
8:10 AM Poster 3
8:15 AM Voting and Winner Presentation
Session 23: From the Journal to Your Clinical Practice Moderators: Alun Davies and Nicos Labropoulos
8:20 AM How to Dissect a Paper Alun Davies
8:30 AM Superficial Disease Kathleen Gibson
8:40 AM Deep Venous Disease Anthony Comerota
8:50 AM Venous Thromboembolism Mark Meissner
9:00 AM VS-Live Imaging Session Nicos Labropoulos, Steve Elias and Antonios Gasparis
9:30 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Session 24: SIR Session – Management of Pelvic Vein Disorders

In Collaboration With the Society of Interventional Radiology

Moderators: Kush Desai and Neil Khilnani
10:00 AM New Approach on Terms and Validation Neil Khilnani
10:10 AM Clinical Presentation and Treatment Algorithm Kush Desai
10:20 AM Imaging Escape Points From the Pelvis Nicos Labropoulos
10:30 AM Management of Vein Obstruction Parag Patel
10:40 AM Treatment of Reflux Robert Lookstein
10:50 AM Panel Discussion Nicos Labropoulos, Robert Lookstein and Parag Patel
Session 25: VS MIX Moderators: Luis Leon and Igor Sincos
11:00 AM Upper Extremity DVT Apostolos Tassiopoulos
11:05 AM Discussing the Impact of Treatment of Swelling With the Patient Carl Fastabend
11:10 AM Current Management of Renal Vein Compression Tom Maldonado
11:15 AM How I Use IVUS Paul Gagne
11:20 AM Femoral-popliteal Disease – What Can We Do and What is Coming? Steve Elias
11:25 AM Venous Malformations – From Simple to Complex Mahmood Razavi
11:30 AM Panel Discussion Anthony Comerota, Steve Elias, Carl Fastabend, Paul Gagne, Mahmood Razavi and Apostolos Tassiopoulos
11:40 AM VS-Imaging Session Nicos Labropoulos, Antonios Gasparis and Peter Pappas
12:00 PM Lunch and Visit Exhibits
Session 26: VS Debate – Spotlight on Venous Treatment Abuse Moderator: Steve Elias
1:30 PM Will Make a Clinical Difference Brajesh Lal
1:35 PM Will Result in Limitation to Access Peter Pappas
1:40 PM Rebuttals
1:45 PM Session 27: VS Question Time Moderator: Steve Elias
Panelists: Nick Morrison, Peter Pappas, Parag Patel, Mahmood Razavi and Victor Tapson
Session 28: Small Vein Session Moderators: Ellen Dillavou and Steve Elias
2:15 PM The Tools We Have for Treating Small Veins Paul Pittaluga
2:25 PM Discussing Treatment Plan and Potential Complications Kathleen Gibson
2:35 PM Clinical Images: This is What I Have…Tell Me How to Treat It Ellen Dillavou, Steve Elias, Kathleen Gibson, Nick Morrison and Paul Pittaluga
3:15 PM Session 29: VS Fun Time – Let Us Entertain You Moderators: Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
Superficial Disease Steve Elias
Chronic Deep Vein Disease Antonios Gasparis
Venous Thromboembolism Victor Tapson
3:50 PM Closing Remarks Nicos Labropoulos
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