General Session – Thursday, March 19, 2020

6:45 AM Continental Breakfast
7:15 AM Welcome Nicos Labropoulos
Session 1: The Vein Consult Moderators: Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
7:30 AM New Patient Evaluation Thom Rooke
7:40 AM Beyond Lower Extremity Ultrasound Findings Carl Fastabend
7:50 AM Cutaneous Manifestations Of Venous and Lymphatic Disease Steven Dean
8:00 AM Addressing Patient Expectations Thomas Maldonado
8:10 AM History and Physical Exam: Live Patient Examination and Ultrasound Imaging Steve Elias, Peter Pappas and Thom Rooke
9:30 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Session 2: Superficial Vein Disease Moderators: Neil Khilnani and Angela Kokkosis
10:00 AM Applied Clinical Anatomy Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
10:10 AM Matching Clinical Exam To Ultrasound Findings Angela Kokkosis
10:20 AM Examining The Patients With Recurrent Vein Disease Paul Pittaluga
10:30 AM Where To Look With Non-Saphenous Veins Neil Khilnani
10:40 AM Limb Appearance and Reflux Pattern Nicos Labropoulos
10:50 AM Discussion Drs. Escotto Sanchez, Khilnani, Labropoulos and Pittaluga
Session 3: Learning Through Clinical Cases – VTE Moderators: Gerard O’Sullivan and Marc Passman
11:00 AM Calf Vein Thrombosis Marc Passman
11:10 AM VTE After Vein Procedure Apostolos Tassiopoulos
11:20 AM Iliofemoral DVT After Major Surgery Efthymios Avgerinos
11:30 AM Thrombus In The GSV Peter Pappas
11:40 AM DVT In A Patient With HIT Victor Tapson
11:50 AM Discussion Drs. Avgerinos, Pappas, Tapson and Tassiopoulos
12:00 PM Lunch and Visit Exhibits
Session 4: AVLS @ VS – What Would I Do Different? Moderators: Kathleen Gibson and Nick Morrison
1:30 PM Saphenous Ablation Kathleen Gibson
1:40 PM Venous Stenting Steve Elias
1:50 PM DVT Treatment Mark Meissner
2:00 PM Recurrent Varicose Veins Neil Khilnani
2:10 PM Sclerotherapy Nick Morrison
2:20 PM Discussion Drs. Elias, Khilnani and Meissner
Session 5: VS Debate Moderator: Alun Davies
2:30 PM Treatment Of Vein Tributaries Is Paramount William Marston
2:35 PM Treatment Of Vein Tributaries Is Secondary Kathleen Gibson
2:40 PM Rebuttals
2:45 PM Session 6: VS – Live Interactive Venous Education and Imaging Moderators: Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
Session 7: Video Presentations On Superfical Therapies Moderators: Patrick Muck and Igor Sincos
3:05 PM Cyanoacrylate Igor Sincos
3:20 PM Endovenous Microfoam Antonios Gasparis
3:25 PM MOCA Angela Kokkosis
3:30 PM Thermal Ablation Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
3:35 PM Perforator Ablation Steve Elias
3:40 PM Refreshment Break And Visit Exhibits
Session 8: Diagnostic Imaging: Learn From Clinical Cases Moderators: Steve Black and Carl Fastabend
4:10 PM Axial Imaging Kush Desai
4:17 PM Venography
4:24 PM IVUS Steve Black
4:31 PM Hemodynamic Testing Arjun Jayaraj
4:39 PM Discussion Drs. Desai, and Jayaraj
Session 9: VS Second Opinion For… Moderators: Thomas Maldonado and Thom Rooke
4:45 PM Superficial Vein Disease Neil Khilnani
4:50 PM Deep Vein Disease Gerard O’Sullivan
4:55 PM Swelling Carl Fastabend
5:00 PM Something Unusual Thom Rooke
5:05 PM Discussion Drs. Fastabend, Khilnani and O’Sullivan
5:15 PM Session 10: VS Question Time Moderator: Steve Elias
Panel: Efthymios Avgerinos, Ellen Dillavou, Neil Khilnani, Peter Pappas and Marc Passman
Session 11: Socioeconomic and Clinical Impact Of Edema Moderator: Thomas Maldonado
5:45 PM Clinical Case Nicos Labropoulos
5:55 PM Factors Associated With Lower Limb Lymphedema Steven Dean
6:05 PM Treatment Thomas Maldonado
6:15 PM New Concepts In Edema Joseph Raffetto
6:25 PM Managing Patient Expectations Thom Rooke
6:35 PM Adjourn
7:00 PM Networking Reception With The Exhibitors
8:00 PM VS Night Club

General Session – FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020

6:15 AM Continental Breakfast
Session 12: Deep Vein Thrombosis – Technical Tips And Tricks In Using The… Moderators: Gerard O’Sullivan 
6:30 AM Angioject Thrombectomy Suresh Vedantham
6:40 AM Penumbra Indigo System Patrick Muck
6:50 AM ClotTriever Thrombectomy Device Efthymios Avgerinos
7:00 AM JETi Thombectomy System
7:10 AM CLEANER Rotational Thrombectomy System Kush Desai
7:20 AM Angiovac Thomas Maldonado
Session 13: Superficial Vein Treatment Moderators: Igor Sincos
7:30 AM Choosing A Modality In Treating The Saphenous Vein Steve Elias
7:40 AM Thermal Ablation: The Long Term Data Support Igor Sincos
7:50 AM Practical Approach In The Management Of Varicosities Peter Pappas
8:00 AM Update On Perforator Vein Treatment Marc Passman
8:10 AM Techniques For Improving Your Clinical Outcomes Dimitrios Kontothanassis
8:20 AM Discussion Drs. Elias, Kontothanassis, Pappas and Passman
8:30 AM Live Imaging Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
Session 14: Learning Through Clinical Cases Moderators: Fedor Lurie and Harold Welch
8:50 AM Thigh Extension Of The Small Saphenous Vein Harold Welch
8:55 AM A Challenging Anterior Accessory Saphenous Vein Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
9:00 AM Non-Healing Venous Ulcer After Superficial Vein Treatment Luis Leon
9:05 AM VTE Prophylaxis In A Patient With Superficial And Deep Vein Disease Anthony Comerota
9:10 AM Varicose Veins With A Previous Episode Of Recurrent SVT Alun Davies
9:20 AM Discussion Drs. Comerota, Davies, Escotto Sanchez and Leon
9:30 AM Refreshment Break And Visit Exhibits
Session 15: VS Debate On High Risk Submassive PE Moderator: Akhilesh Sista
10:00 AM Catheter Interventions Can PreventDecompensation Or Mortality With Minimal Complication Rates Victor Tapson
10:05 AM Anticoagulation Alone Will Suffice And Save You Unnecessary Costs And Complications Anthony Comerota
10:10 AM Rebuttals
Session 16: Changing Paradigms In PE Management Moderators: Anthony Comerota 
10:15 AM Low Risk Acute PE Management In The Outpatient Setting Victor Tapson
10:25 AM The Impact Of PERTs On The Aftermath Of PE. Do They Improve Outcomes? Efthymios Avgerinos
10:35 AM Can We Predict Which Patients Will Develop Pulmonary Hypertension After An Acute PE? Mark Meissner
10:45 AM Aspiration, Maceration, Extraction, Lysis: What Does The Future Catheter-Directed Therapy Protocol Look Like? Akhilesh Sista
10:55 AM Discussion Drs. Avgerinos, Meissner, Sista and Tapson
11:05 AM Live Imaging Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
Session 17: VS Keynote Address Moderator: Nicos Labropoulos
11:30 AM Introduction of Keynote Speaker Nicos Labropoulos
11:35 AM Keynote Lecture: Re-Deploying Ambition In The Service Of Venous Care Suresh Vedantham
12:00 PM Lunch And Visit Exhibits
Session 18: AVF At VS – Current Issues In Post-Thrombotic Syndrome Moderators: Harold Welch and Antonios Gasparis
1:30 PM Incidence And Determinants Of PTS Marc Passman
1:40 PM Issues With Definitions And Analysis Of Data Mark Meissner
1:50 PM Clinical And Financial Impact Harold Welch
2:00 PM Practical Aspects Of Treatment Patrick Muck
2:10 PM What Can Be Done To Prevent It William Marston
2:20 AM Discussion Drs. Marston, Meissner, Muck and Passman
Session 19: Key Knowledge In Management Of Venous Ulcers Moderators: George Koullias and William Marston
2:30 PM Understand The Phase Of Wound Healing And Form A Treatment Plan William Marston
2:40 PM What Really Is A Good Wound Debridement? Peter Pappas
2:50 PM What Is The Latest On Biofilm In Venous Ulcers And Role In Ulcer Healing George Koullias
3:00 PM The Intertwining Role Of Compression And Advanced Products In Venous Ulcer Healing Fedor Lurie
3:10 PM Mixed Disease And What To Treat First In Patients With Venous Ulcers Joseph Raffetto
3:20 PM Discussion Drs. Lurie, Pappas and Raffetto
3:30 PM Refreshment Break And Visit Exhibits
Session 20: Video Presentations On Deep Therapies Moderators: William Marston and Gerard O’Sullivan
4:00 PM Pelvic Vein Disease Antonios Gasparis
4:05 PM Iliofemoral DVT Gerald O’Sullivan
4:10 PM Pulmonary Embolism Akhilesh Sista
4:15 PM Iliocaval Obstruction Kush Desai
4:20 PM Renal Vein Compression Igor Sincos
4:30 PM Discussion Drs. Desai, Gasparis, Sincos and Sista
Session 21: New Methods, Early Results, Clinical Trials Moderators: Alun Davies and and Suresh Vedantham
4:40 PM Long Term Results Of The EVRA Trial Implications For Service Delivery Alun Davies
4:50 PM C-TRACT Suresh Vedantham
5:00 PM EXTRACT PE Akhilesh Sista
5:10 PM HIFU Alfred Obermayer
5:20 PM Underwater Effects On Lower Limb Veins Dimitri Kontothanassis
5:30 PM Vein Thrombosis From Bench To Bedside Jose Diaz
5:40 PM New Treatment for Spider and Varicose Veins Paul Pittaluga
5:50 PM Discussion Drs. Diaz, Konothanassis, Obermayer, Pittaluga and Sista
Session 22: VS FUN TIME Moderator: Steve Elias
6:00 PM PASSWORD Team to be selected
6:20 PM VS Question Time Panel: Drs. Gibson, Kokkosis, Marston, O’Sullivan and Vedantham
6:40 PM Adjourn

General Session – SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2020

5:15 AM VS 5K Run/Walk In Central Park
6:15 AM Continental Breakfast
Session 23: Superficial Vein Disease – Varicose Veins Associated With … Moderator: Peter Pappas
6:30 AM Vein Of The Popliteal Fossa Dimitrios Kontothanassis
6:40 AM Previous Saphenous Ablation Kathleen Gibson
6:50 AM Thigh Perforator And Normal Proximal GSV Patrick Muck
7:00 AM Below Knee Saphenous Disease Peter Pappas
7:10 AM Large Diameter Saphenous Vein Reflux Angela Kokkosis
7:20 AM Discussion Drs. Gibson, Kokkosis, Kontothanssis and Muck
Session 24 : VS Journal Club And Vein News Moderator: Anthony Comerota
7:30 AM Superficial Vein Disease Fedor Lurie
7:40 AM Deep Vein Disease Mark Meissner
7:50 AM Lymphatic Disease Steven Dean
8:00 AM Wound Care William Marston
8:10 AM Updates For Coding And Reimbursement Harold Welch
8:20 AM Vein News Steve Elias
8:30 AM Live Imaging And Discussion Drs. Dean, Lurie, Marston, Meissner and Welch
Session 25: Poster Winners At VS Moderators: Jose Diaz and Joseph Raffetto
9:10 AM Poster Winner 1
9:15 AM Poster Winner 2
9:20 AM Poster Winner 3
9:25 AM VS Honors Pioneer In Venous Field Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
9:30 AM Refreshment Break And Visit Exhibits
Session 26: Venous Stenting Moderators: Steve Black and Carl Fastabend
10:00 AM When Should A NIVL Lesion Be Treated Paul Gagne
10:10 AM Use Of Dedicated Venous Stents – What Have We Learned From Sizing To Results Steve Black
10:20 AM Long Term Data On Stent Fracture Niels Baekgaard
10:30 AM Technical Tips In Optimizing Stent Patency Gerald O’Sullivan
10:40 AM Instent Restenosis – What Is It And How To Treat It? Arjun Jayaraj
10:50 AM Discussion Drs. Baekgaard, Gagne, Jayaraj and O’Sullivan
Session 27: VS Compression – Live Demonstration Application Of Different Types Of Compression Moderators: Drs. Joseph Caprini, Sergio Gianesini and Dimitrios Kontothanassis
11:00 AM Graduated Compression Stockings – Finally An RCT To Looking At Adjuvant Benefit (GAPS) Alun Davies
11:10 AM Placement And Removal Of Compression Stockings
11:20 AM Inelastic Compression
11:30 AM Measuring Underlying Compression Pressure
11:40 AM Live Imaging Nicos Labropoulos and Antonios Gasparis
12:00 PM Lunch And Visit Exhibits
Session 28: SIR At VS Moderators: Kush Desai and Suresh Vedantham
1:30 PM Post-Thrombotic Iliofemoral Obstruction: What We Know And Where Do We Go From Here Suresh Vedantham
1:40 PM Evaluation Of Chronic Deep Venous Occlusions: Is Ultrasound Enough? Neil Khilnani
1:50 PM Recanalization Of Chronic Iliocaval Obstruction Kush Desai
2:00 PM Reopening The Dreaded Occluded Stent Akhilesh Sista
2:10 PM Iliofemoral Thrombosis Best Options For Treatment And Current Shortcomings
2:20 PM Discussion Drs. Khilnani and Sista
Session 29: Practice Pearls Moderators: Steve Elias and Paul Gagne
2:30 PM Advantages And Shortcomings Of Vein Registries Apostolos Tassiopoulos
2:40 PM You Want To Open An OBL – How To Do It And What To Expect Paul Gagne
2:50 PM Expanding Your Varicose Vein Practice – What Are Your Options? Steve Elias
3:00 PM Drug Therapy For Chronic Venous Disease Joseph Raffetto
3:10 PM How To Prevent Recurrent Varicose Veins Alun Davies
3:20 PM What Have We Learned From Histological Findings For The Treatment Of The Small Veins Ron Bush
3:30 PM Discussion Drs. Bush, Davies, Raffetto and Tassiopoulos
Session 30: Small Vein Session On How To Treat These Veins Moderator: Kathleen Gibson
3:40 PM Clinical Images Of Small Veins: Step By Step In Treatment Protocol Drs. Bush, Elias, Gibson, Morrison and Pittaluga
4:10 PM Discussion Drs. Bush, Elias, Morrison and Pittaluga
4:20 PM Adjourn

Latin Session – Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Directors: Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Luis Leon

2:00 PM Welcome
Session 1 Live Imaging and Treatment Plan Nicos Labropouls, Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Luis Leon
Case 1: Saphenous Vein reflux
Case 2: Nonsaphenous Veins
Case 3: Pelvic Reflux
Case 4: Iliac Vein Obstruction
Session 2 Tips and Tricks for Venous Interventions
3:30 PM How to Overcome Complex Anatomy During Venous Ablation Vitor Gornati
3:40 PM How to Achieve Optimal Results With Sclerotherapy
3:50 PM Managing Complications of Venous Interventions
4:00 PM Aggressive Thrombus Removal
4:10 PM Chronic Venous Obstruction
4:20 PM Discussion
4:30 PM Refreshment Break
Session 3 Enhanced Learning Through Clinical Cases
4:50 PM Superficial Vein Reflux
5:00 PM Combined Superficial and Deep Vein Disease
5:10 PM Lower Extremity Edema
5:20 PM Mixed Arterial and Venous Disease
5:30 PM Pelvic Vein Disease
5:40 PM Discussion
Session 4 Improving Your Techniques
5:50 PM Venography and IVUS
6:00 PM Applying Compression
6:10 PM Phlebectomies
6:20 PM Stenting
6:30 PM Local Ulcer Care
6:40 PM Discussion
7:00 PM Adjourn

Fellows / Residents Session – Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fellows / Residents Session 1: Patient Presentation Moderators: Kush Desai and Nicholas Sikalas
7:30 AM History and Physical for the Venous Patient: Live Case Examination Nicholas Sikalas
7:45 AM Live Imaging With Duplex Scanning Nicos Labropoulos
Fellows / Residents  Session 2: Superficial Venous Disease Moderator: Angela Kokkosis
8:15 AM Thermal Devices: Options and Clinical Outcomes Harold Welch
8:30 AM Non-thermal Devices: Options and Clinical Outcomes Kathleen Gibson
8:45 AM Visual and Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy Angela Kokkosis
9:00 AM Thermal Clinical Case Nicholas Sikalas
9:10 AM Non-thermal Clinical Case Kathleen Gibson
9:20 AM Discussion & Questions Drs. Gibson, Sikalas and Welch
9:30 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Fellows / Residents Session 3: Deep Venous Disease Moderator: Efthymios Avgerinos
10:00 AM Medical Management of Venous Thromboembolism Patrick Muck
10:15 AM Options for Thrombus Removal Efthymios Avgerinos
10:30 AM Chronic Venous Obstruction Akhilesh Sista
10:45 AM IVC Filter: Patient-centered Practice Kush Desai
11:00 AM Pelvic Vein Reflux Kathleen Gibson
11:15 AM Live Imaging and Discussion Nicos Labropoulos
11:45 AM Adjourn
12:00 PM Fellows / Residents Industry Lunch Session
1:00 PM Adjourn
Fellows / Residents Session 4: Vein Practice, Clinical Cases and Test Your Knowledge Moderator: Kush Desai
1:30 PM Negotiating Your First Contract Peter Pappas
1:45 PM What Grants Are Available and How to Acquire Them Jose Diaz
2:00 PM Clinical Case – Iliofemoral DVT Patrick Muck
2:15 PM Clinical Case – Venous Outflow Obstruction Kush Desai
2:30 PM Why Incorporate Venous Management into Your Practice Steve Elias
2:45 PM Discussion & Questions Drs. Diaz, Elias, Muck and Pappas
3:00 PM Password Steve Elias and Nick Sikalas
3:40 PM Adjourn

Fellows / Residents Session – Friday, March 20, 2020

12:00 PM Fellows / Residents Industry Lunch Session
1:30 PM Adjourn

Fellows / Residents Session – Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fellows / Residents Session 5: Device Showcase Moderator: Nick Sikalas
8:00 AM Device Showcase: Setting Up, Learn All the Components, Optimize Use 15-Mintue Rotation
10:00 AM Adjourn
12:00 PM Fellows / Residents Industry Lunch Session
1:30 PM Adjourn

Aesthetic Vein Course – Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Course Directors: Ronald Bush, MD, FACS and Peggy Bush, APRN

2:00 PM Welcome
Session 1 General Concepts and Imaging
2:05 PM Cutaneous Venous Hypertension and Telangiectasia
2:15 PM Using the Ultrasound to Improve Treatment of Spider Veins
2:25 PM The Histology of Spider Veins and How This Guides Treatment
2:35 PM Live Imaging and Discussion
Session 2 Treatment Methods
3:20 PM Techniques of Sclerotherapy and Avoiding Complications
3:30 PM Tumescent Assisted Sclerotherapy
3:40 PM Flushing Techniques for Spider Vein Treatment
3:50 PM Faster Resolution Using Micro-Surgical Techniques for the Treatment of Spider Veins
4:00 PM Pre- and Post-Sclerotherapy Care Makes a Difference
4:10 PM Discussion
4:30 PM Refreshment Break
Session 3 The Fine Veins
4:50 PM Types of Spider Veins That Will Never Respond to Sclerotherapy
5:00 PM Angiogenesis – Improving Outcomes
5:10 PM Thermal Adjuncts for Treating Telangiectasia
5:20 PM Patient Examples and Treatment
5:30 PM Discussion
Session 4 Small Veins in Different Body Areas
5:45 PM Treating the Cosmetically Unacceptable Facial Veins Safely – Supratrochlear, Temporal and Peri-Orbital Veins
5:00 PM Breast Veins: Treatment and Avoiding Complications
6:15 PM Hand Veins: Modalities of Treatment Using Sclerotherapy, Phlebectomy and Laser
6:30 PM How to Build and Maintain an Aesthetic Vein Practice
6:40 PM Discussion
7:00 PM Adjourn
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