AAGSV Reflux

Symptomatic Anterior Accessory Great Saphenous Vein (AAGSV) Reflux


Physical Examination

  • Both lower limbs were warm and well perfused
  • Distal palpable pulses
  • Prominent varicosities on left anteromedial and anterolateral thigh, and medial calf
  • No gluteal, perineal or vulvar varicosities
  • Post-inflammatory hypopigmented skin patches on anterior calf and ankle regions
  • No cellulitis or ulcers
  • Motor and sensory were intact

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Symptomatic CVD Without Varicose Veins

A 39 years old female patient, presented with symptomatic

Signs and symptoms  

  • Tenderness
  • Local pain
  • Worst at the end of the day and during standing
  • Symptoms are relieved with limb elevation
  • She had 3 pregnancies 2005, 2011 and 2013
  • Symptoms started 5 years ago after the 2nd pregnancy
  • She is feeling worse after her last pregnancy 3 years ago

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Klippel – Trenaunay Syndrome

46 year-old male with past medical history of Syndrome (KTS) who presents with left leg swelling, venous claudication, port wine stains, prominent varicosities, and intolerance to cold temperatures especially in left forefoot/toes partially alleviated with massage and elastic compression stockings.


  • Medical history: KTS diagnosed in 1993, Obesity, Superficial thrombophlebitis (SVT). No previous DVT, PE or Thrombophilia.
  • Surgical history: Denies
  • Social history: Non-smoker, EtOH socially
  • Family history: Non-contributory
  • Allergies: None
  • Medications: Coumadin 15 mg daily

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