A 63 year old male with long-standing CVI and history of bilateral lower extremity venous ulcers presented to the clinic for worsening skin changes in the right medial malleolus 4 months ago.

Male 46y/o, Recent Edema, Knee Effusion and POP

— Male 46 years old.

— Pain started a week ago at the knee.

— In a period of a 3 days he developed significant swelling from the knee to the ankle. The swelling was getting progressively worst until he came to the ER 7 days later.

— No history of thrombosis, trauma or surgery.

— No medications.

— He was sent to have a left lower extremity venous ultrasound.

Acute CV and BSV Thrombosis

— Female 39 years old

— Stroke 2006 of unknown etiology

- Prothrombin gene mutation

- No DVT or PE

— 8 years later presented to the ER with significant pain, erythema and mild swelling in the right forearm and arm.

— She had a line placed at the wrist 8 days ago. She developed some ache and discomfort at the insertion site in the next 2 days that became worst over time leading to erythema, increased skin temperature and pain from the wrist to mid-arm.

— She was admitted and was placed on antibiotics and LMWH.

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