The Latin Session will be will be delivered in Spanish. Interpretation services will not be provided.

Sesión latina – miércoles 29 de julio de 2020

Directores: Ignacio Escotto Sanchez y Luis Leon

2:00 PM Bienvenida
Sesión 1 Imagen en Vivo y Plan de Tratamiento Nicos Labropoulos,
Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Luis Leon
Caso 1: Reflujo de la Vena Safena
Caso 2: Venas No Safenas
Caso 3: Reflujo Pélvico
Caso 4: Obstrucción de la Vena Ilíaca
Sesión 2 Consejos y trucos para intervenciones venosas Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Luis Leon
3:30 PM Cómo Superar la Anatomía Compleja Durante la Ablación Endovenosa Vitor Gornati
3:40 PM Cómo Lograr Resultados Óptimos con la Escleroterapia Gloria Salazar
3:50 PM Manejo de Complicaciones de Intervenciones Venosas Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
4:00 PM Remoción Agresiva de Trombos Luis Leon
4:10 PM Obstrucción Venosa Crónica Gloria Salazar
4:20 PM Discusión Vitor Gornati and Gloria Salazar
4:30 PM Receso
Sesión 3 Mejorado el Aprendizaje a Través de Casos Clínicos Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Luis Leon
4:50 PM Reflujo de Venas Superficiales Vitor Gornati
5:00 PM Enfermedad Mixta de Venas Superficiales y Profundas Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
5:10 PM Edema de las Extremidades Inferiores Tom Maldonado
5:20 PM Enfermedad Mixta Arterial y Venosa Luis Leon
5:30 PM Enfermedad Venosa Pélvica Gloria Salazar
5:40 PM Discusión Vitor Gornati, Tom Maldonado and Gloria Salazar
Sesión 4 Mejorando sus Técnicas Ignacio Escotto Sanchez and Luis Leon
5:50 PM Venografía y IVUS Tom Maldonado
6:00 PM Aplicando Compresión Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
6:10 PM Flebectomías Vitor Gornati
6:20 PM Stenting Ignacio Escotto Sanchez
6:30 PM Cuidado Local de las úlceras Vitor Gornati
6:40 PM Discusión Vitor Gornati and Tom Maldonado
7:00 PM Clausura

Fellows / Residents Session – Thursday, July 30, 2020

Fellows / Residents Session 1: Patient Presentation Moderators: Kush Desai and Nicholas Sikalas
7:30 AM History and Physical for the Venous Patient: Live Case Examination Nicholas Sikalas
7:45 AM Live Imaging With Duplex Scanning Nicos Labropoulos
Fellows / Residents Session 2: Superficial Venous Disease Moderator: Angela Kokkosis
8:15 AM Thermal Devices: Options and Clinical Outcomes Harold Welch
8:30 AM Non-thermal Devices: Options and Clinical Outcomes Kathleen Gibson
8:45 AM Visual and Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy Angela Kokkosis
9:00 AM Thermal Clinical Case Nicholas Sikalas
9:10 AM Non-thermal Clinical Case Kathleen Gibson
9:20 AM Discussion & Questions Drs. Gibson, Sikalas and Welch
9:30 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits
Fellows / Residents Session 3: Deep Venous Disease Moderator: Efthymios Avgerinos
10:00 AM Medical Management of Venous Thromboembolism Patrick Muck
10:15 AM Options for Thrombus Removal Efthymios Avgerinos
10:30 AM Chronic Venous Obstruction Akhilesh Sista
10:45 AM IVC Filter: Patient-centered Practice Kush Desai
11:00 AM Pelvic Vein Reflux Ron Winokur
11:15 AM Live Imaging and Discussion Nicos Labropoulos
11:45 AM Adjourn
12:00 PM Fellows / Residents Industry Lunch Session
1:00 PM Adjourn
Fellows / Residents Session 4: Vein Practice, Clinical Cases and Test Your Knowledge Moderator: Kush Desai
1:30 PM Negotiating Your First Contract Peter Pappas
1:45 PM What Grants Are Available and How to Acquire Them Jose Diaz
2:00 PM Clinical Case – Iliofemoral DVT Patrick Muck
2:15 PM Clinical Case – Venous Outflow Obstruction Kush Desai
2:30 PM Why Incorporate Venous Management into Your Practice Steve Elias
2:45 PM Discussion & Questions Drs. Diaz, Elias, Muck and Pappas
3:00 PM Password Steve Elias and Nick Sikalas
3:40 PM Adjourn

Fellows / Residents Session – Friday, March 20, 2020

12:00 PM Fellows / Residents Industry Lunch Session
1:30 PM Adjourn

Fellows / Residents Session – Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fellows / Residents Session 5: Device Showcase Moderator: Nick Sikalas
8:00 AM Device Showcase: Setting Up, Learn All the Components, Optimize Use 15-Mintue Rotation
10:00 AM Adjourn
12:00 PM Fellows / Residents Industry Lunch Session
1:30 PM Adjourn

Aesthetic Vein Course – Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Course Directors: Ronald Bush and Peggy Bush

2:00 PM Welcome Ron Bush and Peggy Bush
Session 1 General Concepts and Imaging Moderators: Ron Bush and Peggy Bush
2:05 PM Cutaneous Venous Hypertension and Telangiectasia Ron Bush
2:15 PM The Histology of Spider Veins and How This Guides Treatment Ron Bush
2:25 PM Using the Ultrasound to Improve Treatment of Small Veins – Live Imaging and Discussion Ron Bush, Antonios Gasparis, Nicos Labropoulos and Tomasz Urbanek
Session 2 Treatment Methods Moderators: Ron Bush and Peggy Bush
3:20 PM Techniques of Sclerotherapy and Avoiding Complications Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
3:30 PM Tumescent Assisted Sclerotherapy Ron Bush
3:40 PM Flushing Techniques for Spider Vein Treatment Ron Bush
3:50 PM Faster Resolution Using Micro-Surgical Techniques for the Treatment of Spider Veins Rodrigo Kikuchi
4:00 PM Pre- and Post-Sclerotherapy Care Makes a Difference Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
4:10 PM Discussion Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska and Rodrigo Kikuchi
4:30 PM Refreshment Break
Session 3 The Fine Veins Moderators: Ron Bush and Peggy Bush
4:50 PM Types of Spider Veins That Will Never Respond to Sclerotherapy Ron Bush
5:00 PM Angiogenesis – Improving Outcomes Ron Bush
5:10 PM Thermal Adjuncts for Treating Telangiectasia Rodrigo Kikuchi
5:20 PM Patient Examples and Treatment Rodrigo Kikuchi
5:30 PM Discussion
Session 4 Small Veins in Different Body Areas Moderators: Ron Bush and Peggy Bush
5:45 PM Treating the Cosmetically Unacceptable Facial Veins Safely – Supra Trochelar, Temporal and Peri-Orbital Veins Ron Bush and Rodrigo Kikuchi
6:00 PM Breast Veins: Treatment and Avoiding Complications Peggy Bush
6:15 PM Modalities of Treatment for Foot and Hand Veins Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
6:30 PM How to Build and Maintain an Aesthetic Vein Practice Ron Bush
6:40 PM Discussion Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska and Rodrigo Kikuchi
7:00 PM Adjourn
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