Treating the Most Common Pattern of Telangiectasia

Find out how to identify the pathology associated with the lateral reticular subdermal plexus and important points on techniques of treatment that hasten resolution and minimize complications. Attend the Aesthetics Vein Course at Venous Symposium 2020, Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, New York City, March 18, 2020!   Watch...

Venous Case 2

53-year-old male underwent right leg thrombolysis and stent placement of EIV on 3/2018 for iliofemoral DVT Returned 6/2018 with leg swelling and in-stent stenosis; underwent PTA and re-stent (14mm Wallstent) 6/2019 underwent placement of third stent extending to inguinal ligament for symptomatic in-stent stenosis   View Full Case

Venous Case 1

54 yo who seen in 2005 and underwent ligation of GSV for a 5cm aneurysm Post procedure she developed GSV thrombophlebitis which resolved with conservative measures   View Full Case

Female Pelvic Venous Disease

56-year-old female with 1-year history of constant left groin/pelvic pain Also has back pain aggravated by prolonged sitting or intense activity Intermittent left leg heaviness, no edema, no history of DVT Has been told she has “Nutcracker syndrome”   View Full Case

Persistent varicose veins after GSV ablation

56-year-old female with symptomatic left lower limb varicose veins Symptoms: She feels heaviness, achiness with standing. She used compression stockings with improvement, but they are not so comfortable to wear PMH –Left GSV laser ablation in 2016 After her procedure she was not happy as her varicose veins decreased slightly...

Abdominal and Pelvic Vein Imaging

Patterns of pelvic reflux Ovarian veins and ovarian plexus Uterine and peri-uterine veins Internal iliac tributaries Pelvic floor The patterns can be isolated in the pelvis or connecting the veins in the lower extremity.   Imaging Protocol IVC and iliac veins to check for obstruction Left renal for Nutcracker phenomenon...

Acute CV and BSV Thrombosis

— Female 39 years old — Stroke 2006 of unknown etiology - Prothrombin gene mutation - No DVT or PE — 8 years later presented to the ER with significant pain, erythema and mild swelling in the right forearm and arm. — She had a line placed at the wrist...

Male 46y/o, Recent Edema, Knee Effusion and POP

— Male 46 years old. — Pain started a week ago at the knee. — In a period of a 3 days he developed significant swelling from the knee to the ankle. The swelling was getting progressively worst until he came to the ER 7 days later. — No history...


A 63 year old male with long-standing CVI and history of bilateral lower extremity venous ulcers presented to the clinic for worsening skin changes in the right medial malleolus 4 months ago.